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Children Playing Tug of War
Fall Foliage
Ice Cream Cone
Kids Reading Map
Carrying Cleaning Supplies

Fun Seekers WANTED
Are you outgoing, dependable, friendly
and most importantly WANT TO HAVE FUN!!!!!! SO DO WE!!!!


The Un-BEAR-leavable Rockstars


Our Un-BEAR-leavable Rockstars are responsible for promoting a FUN and engaging environment for campers of all ages.  Our Rockstars organize  AWARD WINNING crafts, themed games and endless activities to keep the campers busy all weekend long.  By using character interactions with our campers the Un-BEAR-leavable Rockstars play a vital role in creating memories that last a lifetime

Elation Sanitation Squad


Our Elation Sanitation Squad are responsible for ensuring that our guest have only the cleanest cabins, restrooms, and facilities in the land!  While many have rumored that our Elation Sanitation Squad use Fairy-Godmother magic to clean so well we can not confirm or deny these claims.  

Campfire Canteen Roasters


Campfire Canteen Roasters use superior ingredients to create and craft the fuel that feeds our campers and The Bears (You know Yogi Bear, Boo Boo and even Cindy Bear too!.)   Our Roasting Crew can take the heat and dish it too!  If you can't take the heat you can supply the finest guests with the tastiest Hand Dipped Ice Cream around. 



Fixer-Upper Staff are the unsung heroes of our park.  They are the ones the keep the water flowing and the electricity powering all the campers.  Fixer-Uppers keen attention to detail keep our facilities in tip top shape.  Whether is a burned out light, broken bolt or a cold shower our Fixer-Uppers can fix it all!

Guest Experience Extraordinaire

--Office & Reservation Desk

The Guest Experience Extraordinaire provides only the best experience to our guests from interacting over the phone or in person the fun and excitement is alway there.  Our Extraordinairies ensure that the guest gets the best and correct information whether its their first time or their millionth time visiting our campground.  

Ranger of all Trades

--Park Host

Ranger of all Trades is the master of none but often times better than a master of one.  Our Rangers are responsible for escorting the best campers and guests in the Midwest to their sites. Rangers also show guests our amazing facilities & delivering, in our minds, the greatest food and firewood in the world.  The Ranger of all Trades assists the Fixer-Uppers in completing tasks. 

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