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This Package is FUN-beleavable 


When Purchasing the Ticket to Fun Pass you will BEAR-ly be able to contain the Excitement!  

The Ticket to Fun Pass is the best way to enjoy some of our all-time favorite activities here at Rustic Acres Jellystone Park!


With the Ticket to Fun Pass you will receive a personal visit from your favorite bear along with receiving a small plush replica bear. Don’t worry that’s not all, you will also be able to pick from our over 55 ceramic options, you will be able to design your very own tie dye shirt, play a session of day time laser day, create a sand art bottle and get a tattoo. Don’t worry it's not a real tattoo just one made of glitter that will make all your friends envious. If you are not old enough for laser tag that’s okay because you can receive either a 2nd sand art bottle or extra glitter tattoo, the choice is up to you. You can receive this up to $70 value  for just $50 which is a savings of up to $20!!! 

WARNING: The TICKET TO FUN has caused Kids to want to return every weekend!!  

WARNING: Notify Family members of The TICKET TO FUN outdoors. Screams and Squeels of excitement have been known to shatter windows and mirrors.  

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